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Miui guide

Not sure how to use themes? Visit account. Either way, make sure you have a Mi account if you want to use themes.

Tap the themes app to launch the store. The themes home screen is pretty well-organized, with a rolling list of categories at the top of the screen. Spotted a theme you like? Tap the button and then simply wait for the download bar to fill. Once the download has finished, the download button will then turn into an apply button. Tap it to apply the newly downloaded theme to your phone. From here, you should see a themes button with the number of downloaded themes too. To apply any of your previously downloaded or preinstalled themes, you simply tap on the theme in question, and choose apply.

From here, hit the garbage can icon in the top right corner to delete it. You should then tap the themes button in the top left to view your downloaded themes.

From this menu, tap and hold on a theme, then tap other themes to select them. You should see a delete icon appear at the bottom as seen in the above image — hit the icon to delete all your selected themes in one go.

Tap on these tags to find themes with the same tags — think of it like a hashtag system. If you liked a specific theme, you might want to see what else the designer has done. This is done by hitting the designer name and arrow at the top of the screen just below the name of the theme. Perhaps you love one theme but would prefer to swap out the lock screen for something else.

Either way, you can mix and match MIUI themes via the app itself.

miui guide

To do this, visit the smiling icon from the home screen bottom right-hand cornerthen tap on the customize theme option. Want to change the dial pad theme?So preferably take aosp kitkat rom as base. Patchrom method won't work for Android 5. Use this guide for porting to qualcomm and broadcom devices preferably. Though this guide might work as well. A perfect guide! Many Thanks!

You're welcome bro! It's the most simplified guide you'll ever find Yes bro. Was thinking of that only Can I use the method mentioned in 3rd post?

Have you released it for XL? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer?

Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Zenamp Oct Suggested Apps. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device!

Thanks Meter : 9, Introduction:- Hey guys! Here's a complete tutorial for building or porting MIUI to your device! I know there are already some guides for it but I felt none of them were noob-friendly and many were confusing and missing some important instructions. So let's start! You'll get less rejects while patching MIUI framework. But CM works too! Your choice. It's easier to use. Working brain and a lot of patience!!Sounds of nature Soothing and ever-changing sounds that are always fresh.

MIUI A display is always on for a reason. MIUI 11 introduces the always-on display that looks truly gorgeous. Be it an ever-changing kaleidoscope or rhythmic wave dial, your screen will amaze you with every new glance.

Watch video. Personalize your screen. Add a customizable signature to your always-on display to make your device truly unique. A breath of life. Tasteful special effects will accompany incoming notifications, breathing life into your screen when it's locked. Nature alarm makes a great start to your day. Wake up to different sounds of nature every day and get your morning boost of energy and focus.

Notifications that fail to irritate. Notification sounds in MIUI 11 are smart and diverse. They imitate water and birds and never sound the same throughout the day. Morning forest. Night grove. Productivity reimagined Powerful tools for life and work. Mi Share. Share photos, files, and even apps to other mobile devices wirelessly. Work with documents.

Mi Doc Viewer works with any document stored on your phone. Instant previews make working with documents fast and effective. Wireless printing. View any document saved on your device using MIUI's built-in document viewer. MIUI 11 allows you to print photos and documents wirelessly without installing additional apps.Flashing Guide.

Mainul Hasan Rohan. I hope you are well by the grace of Allah. Alhamdulillah, I'm also fine. When we get an OTA update and try to update our device then sometimes we face some problem.

This is very simple. Without waste any more time let's start. If you don't find this option then follow this tutorial. After successfully updating your will restart automatically and you can see this message "Updated MIUI successfully".

Complete Flashing Guide - From MIUI To Custom Roms & Vice Versa -- Redmi Note 7 Pro

If you have any question please comment or send me a PM on Telegram! Check Master thread about Flashing:. Thank you for your effortscheers. Informative thread for us.

Thanks For Sharing.

A guide to MIUI themes: Here’s how to spice up your Xiaomi phone

Thanks for sharing. Newbie Member. Mi A2. Eid Mubarak. Master of Speed. MIUI Mi Explorers Challenger. Throw Back with Mi Xiaomi Number One In Ukraine. Mi Community App Review. Redmi Note 7. Suited and Booted. New Home. Cast Away. Redmi Note 7 Into Space. Redmi Note 7 Unboxing. Limited Edition Space Medal. Bunny Winner. Challenge Photographer. Android Q. Tebak Nama Android Q. Mother's Day.

miui guide

Guess The Name. Mothers day.MIUI General. C N Chimkar. Hey Mi fans! No one has born with superiority of understanding everythinga quite acceptable truth as there is ofcourse a gradual development of knowing as the time passes. The vast ocean of MIUI features is also somehow unknown to many users or it might be the users first experience to use the awesome ROM.

Well we always expect a guide which could be helpful before we start something, that's what exactly MIUI 10 has been doing for the users concern. To focus more on this direction with the new Global Beta Update now we are introducing New User Manual guide where you all will be able to use your device most conveniently. What's interesting Well you will observe Basic featuresImagesTools and. System Guide page arranged systematically. Let's go in detail Basic Features The most required features to know before you buy a device well if you are unknown about it tap once and go with the guide which has been synchronized easily for your understanding.

Images GuideKnow how to use your smart and intelligent Gallery app in a better way and ofcourse get a solutions on how to use your Camera App. Now just a tap will make you go on how to use it in a better way. Tools GuideKnow how to use the preinstalled apps in a better fashion. So how do you find this new addition? Isn't it handy? Comment and do share your thoughts below! Go to Settings -- Scroll down and you will observe User Guide, tap once to head on to the Guide page.

Well you will observe Basic featuresImagesTools and. The most required features to know before you buy a device well if you are unknown about it tap once and go with the guide which has been synchronized easily for your understanding. Know how to use your smart and intelligent Gallery app in a better way and ofcourse get a solutions on how to use your Camera App.

Worried about the internal system of MIUI?Moreover, the MIUI 11 adds three new options for our great convenience, they are:. This feature decreases power consumption.

miui guide

However, with the latest MIUI 11, you can enjoy the further optimized cast screen feature. Then you can enable the screen functions here. Step 1. Before using the cast screen function, please check if your TV supports screen mirroring function Miracast. If your TV is not smart TV, it needs chromecast dongle or similar device hooked up.

[GUIDE][COMPLETE] Build or Port MIUI ROM to Any Device

If your TV supports screen mirror function, just continue following the steps below. Step 2. Step 3. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone. Step 4. Enable the screen cast feature on your Xiaomi phone. Then your phone will starts searching for the available devices nearby. Step 5. Select the TV name you want to mirror. In addition to the normal cast mode, there are also three other casting options: Minimize window, Cast with screen off, Hide private items. Connect your Xiaomi phone and Window PC or laptop to the same wireless network.

Click the " Start " button on the PC. Select " available everywhere " from the first dropdown.

MIUI 11 cast screen function user guide: How to miracast your phone’s screen to TV or PC?

Step 6. Select the PC name you want to mirror. The methods mentioned above are based on the Windows 10 operating system. Have you mastered the tricks of the cast screen function on the new MIUI 11? Just have a try and enjoy the great convenience of the feature. You may also want to read:.MIUI 10 — Release Google Tez Is Now Availa Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Availabl Shop Xiaomi. Guide Archive. Follow these steps to try and restore your Xiaomi Mi 5X to its. A few days ago, Xiaomi officially released its beautifully designed Mi Mix 2.

The bezel-less display and aspect ratio make this a marvelous and unique smartphone. In case that you are a fan of Android-based ROM, then you. Backup of important data is an integral process when you are migrating data from one Android smartphone to another, rooting your Android device or installing custom ROMs.

miui guide

The past few months have seen Reliance shake off every other telecom network to emerge as the clear winner in the race for luring customers with the best. MIUI 8 is the next big thing from Xiaomi. The flagship mobile OS has been in the spotlight recently. This 8th iteration is already available for downloads for. This new Android smartphone promises to be another success for.

Are you a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G user? Have you been dying to experience the new Android 6. Are you a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 user?

You are now eligible to receive unlimited data, voice calls, video calls and SMS for 90 days with the Jio.

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