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Marriage muhurtham dates based on nakshatra

As Indians, we always select an appropriate time, day or a date before starting any new phase in our lives, for happiness, success and prosperity.

These shubh muhurat wedding dates also helps one to put their lives on the path of progress and achieve recognition, respect and honour.

marriage muhurtham dates based on nakshatra

Thus, it is important to be aware of important and auspicious wedding dates which are going to be available for the upcoming year of Although finding the right Hindu wedding calendar can be troublesome, we at BookEventZ have already made an entire list of shubh marriage muhurat dates in So, grab your wedding planner and brace yourselves to plan your ideal wedding.

Nakshatra for marriage: Uttara Phalguni.

Shubh Muhurat For Marriage / Wedding

Tithi for marriage: Panchami, Shashthi. Tithi for marriage: Ashtami, Navami. Nakshatra for marriage: Anuradha. Nakshatra for marriage: Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati. Tithi for marriage: Pratipada, Dwitiya. Nakshatra for marriage: Uttara Phalguni, Hasta. Nakshatra for marriage: Uttara Bhadrapada.

Tithi for marriage: Dwitiya, Tritiya. Tithi for marriage: Tritiya, Chaturthi. Nakshatra for marriage: Rohini, Mrigashirsha. Nakshatra for marriage: Mrigashirsha. Tithi for marriage: Chaturdashi.

Nakshatra for marriage: Uttara Ashadha. Tithi for marriage: Navami, Dashami. Nakshatra for marriage: Swati. Tithi for marriage: Ekadashi, Dwadashi. Tithi for marriage: Purnima, Pratipada. Tithi for marriage; Navami, Dashami. Now you know all the available dates to plan your perfect wedding and if you need any assistance in the planning, BookEventZ is always here to help.

Apart from making a decent living out of writing, she loves to seize every moment of her life with her cameras. From being a wonderous photographer to lifting weights, she aspires to inspire many. More Posts. This wedding season nail your bridal poses and make sure that you are only left with the best wedding photographs. Indian weddings are incomplete without a grand mehndi celebration.

The brides of today eagerly wait for their mehendi and sangeet.Telugu weddings or Teluginti Pelli, are famous for their traditional customs and rituals. These ceremonies have a close similarity to the Tamil, Hindu wedding ceremonies. The exceptional feature of the Telugu weddings is that they focus mostly on spirituality and not solely on religion.

In Telugu culture women are given equal importance and wedding is not complete without their full participation. Telugu Wedding Muhurtham Date are prepared based on the Telugu Panchangam to give the accurate details. The given list is indicative of various functions or rituals that are followed in Hindu Telugu Wedding. A state as diverse and culturally vast as Andhra Pradesh and Telanganaevery region and community have its own celebration and rituals.

Hence it is possible wedding may be performed with slightly different functions and different rituals. Skip to content Telugu Wedding Muhurtham Dates Remember Me. Privacy Policy. Your username. Your email. Confirm Password. Username or E-mail. Request Reset Password Link.Panchang is an important thing which should be considered when choosing Day, Time and Lagna for any auspicious events. Panchang is totally different from Panchangam.

Now we will look here how to refer the special day and Lagna for those important events. Day, tithi, Nakshatra and Lagna should be counted to mark auspicious date as per following points:. Now sum the all four counts and divide them by number 9. If remainder comes as 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 then the day is not good for auspicious function. If you go for that day the following effects may happen. When counting Tithi Sathuradasi from Pirathamai, it is comes as 14 th Tithi.

So count is When counting Punarpoosam from Aswini Nakshatra, it is comes as 7 th Naksjatra. So count is 7. Suppose if you are in a situation to have auspicious event in date which have remainder value as 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 donate the following item before start the event.

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marriage muhurtham dates based on nakshatra

What is Panchang: Panchang is an important thing which should be considered when choosing Day, Time and Lagna for any auspicious events. How to choose auspicious dates in Panchang: Day, tithi, Nakshatra and Lagna should be counted to mark auspicious date as per following points: Count the number of days from Sunday to the event day.

Count the Tithi from Pithamai to Tithi on the event day. Count the Nakshatra from Ashwini to Nakshatra in the event day.

Count the Lagna from Mesha Aries to Lagna in the event day. Let is analysis this date is auspicious or inauspicious for Marriage. When counting day Wednesday from Sunday, it is comes as 4 th days.

Auspicious Muhurthas for Marriage

Sum all four numbers. So the date 13 th February is not good for auspicious event.Many factors are considered in determining auspicious wedding marriage dates. The Panchang is an important thing which is considered Day, Time, Lagna, Nakshatra and Tithi for choosing the date for any auspicious events.

Note: Rahu, Gulika, and Yamaghanda timing should be avoided even on auspicious days as these timings are considered inauspicious. Saturn transit date. Auspicious Property Purchase Dates Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates — Panchang. Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates Auspicious House Warming Muhurat Dates Saturn in Sagittarius Vedic Astrology.

Inauspicious Days for going to Hospital. Vehicle Buying Auspicious Dates with Muhurat Jupiter Transit to Virgo — Guru Peyarchi — Maitreya Muhurtham to Auspicious Property Purchase Dates — Panchang. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Chandigarh, Punjab. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Imphal, Manipur. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in — Bengalore, Karnataka.It is a coming together of two souls and two bodies that will create new paths in universe through the birth of children, intermingling of families, cultures and customs etc.

History will be changed as a result of this event, so the proper timing of this event is important to the universal forces. Marriage is a very sacred custom by hindus, and taken much more seriously in India than in the western societies. The "SAGES" of Hindu Spiritual Philosophy propounded the practice of "horoscope matching" and matching of marriages which are spiritually compatible, so as to promote the progress of mankind's happiness and the assurance of "good karmas" by pro-creation.

Compatible marriages are the basis of all family values, which have been totally distorted by the materially hungry western society. Usually a lot of problems in marriage can be eliminated if the couple is given the blessings of the universal forces.

This can be done by making sure that the marriage takes place at an auspicious muhurta. The following rules should be followed to fix an auspicious muhurtha for marriage.

marriage muhurtham dates based on nakshatra

Auspicious nakshatras include rohini, mrigashirsha makairammakam, uthiram, hastha athamswati chothiAnizham, Moolam, Uthraadam, Uthrattathi and Revathi. Marriage can be conducted in these nakshatras. Marriage should not be fixed on the nakshatra of the groom can be done in bride's nakshatra. The Uttarayana period from makara till mithuna is considered very auspicious for marriage by astrology scholars. For fixing marriage, ashtami tithi on the dark fortnight is good. The following should be avoided while fixing marriage muhurtas :- 1.

Medam rashi should be avoided. Chandra Moon should not be in muhurtha rashi lagna. The month of dhanu should be avoided. Mars and Rahu should not be positioned in the 8th from muhurtha lagna. Months of Karkitaka, Kumbha and Kanni should be avoided. Marriage in midnight should be avoided. Jupiter and Venus should not be in Balavastha or Vridhavastha. Dates after 16th of Meena month should be avoided.

Need Help? All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Auspicious Muhurthas for Marriage.The Zodiac is equally divided into 12 houses of 30 degrees each.

Each house further divided into 27 constellations of These Nakshatra further subdivided into four quarters each called Pada. At the time of birth, the moon which is passing through a particular Nakshatra is called Jenma Nakshatra. Below are the some of the characteristics of the person born under various Nakshatras. However, these get change based on the other planetary combination in the birth chart.

As you were born in this nakshatra, you will be intelligent, charming, lovable, wealthy and well-brought up. Along with such good traits, you behave respectfully; love to speak up the truth and keep yourself happy, no matter your situation.

You will have great expertise in your line of work. You will maintain a cordial relationship with everyone around you: your friends, relatives, and neighbors. You love to dress up and love jewelry. Though you are rather on the heavier side, you will have a delicate liver condition. You will be fortunate in your endeavors after the age of Such is the magnificence of this nakshatra. Born under the Bharani nakshatra, you will have grand ambitions.

You might be the victim of gossip and your name might be maligned by the society. You will spend your time over ambitious but impractical schemes, and you will not be sincere with your real-time work.

You will show interest in strange, unusual and even radical activities. Born under the Karthigai nakshatra, you will have good looks and a pleasant personality. You will take great interest in your food and spices. You will be popular in your society. You will sincerely complete any job given to you. On the downside, you are miserly and have poor money management skills. You are somewhat untrustworthy; therefore your relationships with your family and friends will suffer.

You do not hesitate to earn through nefarious means, but those earnings do not last for you.

Best and Worst Marriage Dates in Tamil - திருமணம் செய்ய உகந்த நாள் - திருமண நாள் குறிப்பது எப்படி

Hence you will be tensed and worried most of the time.Certain auspicious Nakshatra, Tithi, day and time are considered Shubh Muhurat for marriage. Only eleven Nakshatras among twenty-eight Nakshatra are favorable. However, there are some unfavorable Nakshatra, Tithi, period time during the combustion of Shukra or Guru Jupiter in Shukra Ast or Guru Asta other Ashubh Yoga periods, which are avoided for marriage in Vedic astrology The study of the influence of celestial bodies on earth and humans.

The presence of any one of all the three Uttara Nakshatra is an auspicious day for all the auspicious events. Some astrologers believe that Uttara Phalguni nakshatra should be avoided for marriage. During auspicious Navaratri days, marriage can be performed, if necessary. Pushya Nakshatra is inauspicious for marriage, though it is the most auspicious Nakshatra for all the events.

Telugu Wedding Muhurtham Dates 2020

This is an exception to the general rule. Abhijit Nakshatra, a masculine but not a regular nakshatra, lies from 6. It falls on a Wednesday, one should avoid it. Marriage dates or Vivah Tithi may differ from place to place location or for person to person, one should consult a learned astrologer for Panchang Shuddhi, and the available marriage venue for booking in advance, before choosing a marriage date, finally.

One should consult family astrologer personally, before deciding the date and Shubh Muhurat for marriage, finally. Auspicious marriage ceremony dates or Shubh Vivah Muhurat have started again from January 17, There are a few auspicious wedding dates or Shubh Vivah Muhurat for performing the marriage in November and December according to some Panchangas. Marriage dates for are from 17th January Thursday to 11 July ; 8th November to 12th December No marriage ceremony is recommended during Shukra Tara Asta period.

Auspicious period or dates for performing marriage or Shubh Muhurat for marriage begins with the rise of Venus or Shukra Tara Uday Shukroday. Shukra Tara Asta starts on July 09, Tuesday.

Shukra Tara will rise on September 19, Thursday. Auspicious Hindu Vivah Tithi or dates Shubh Muhurat for marriage based on Indian Vedic astrology for the year will start again from January 20, The Holashtaka period will be from March 14,to March 21, Kharmas will be from December 16,to January 14, Another Kharmas period of is from March 14 to April 14, Makar Sankranti falls on January 15, There are no marriage dates before Makar Sankranti These are auspicious dates for marriage Shubh Vivah Muhurat.

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