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Golang advanced tutorial

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golang advanced tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to be taking a look at selection of more advanced testing practices used by the likes of the Go core language developers and in popular production-level tools. I feel this approach, of actually studying what has been done in a production system, will hopefully give you some insight into the best ways to test your own production-level Go programs. Note - If you are entirely new to testing your Go-based programs, then I suggest you check out my other tutorial: an introduction to testing in go.

For example, take a look at lastIndexTests which is an array of type IndexTest :. This array is used to test the LastIndex function within the strings.

Each of these IndexTest elements feature a standard stringa separator, and an out integer value and have a struct that looks like this:. These tests are then triggered by the TestLastIndex function which runs through all of these test cases and checks to see whether the results returned from the lastIndex function match the expected results outlined in the array. This same practice is done numerous times for numerous different functions and this helps to guarantee that when any code changes are made to these functions, the expected functionality will not change.

If this is the case then one option is to create a testdata directory and store any files you may need for testing within that directory. In the above test case, we basically overwrite the response we expect from our URL and then continue to test other parts of our system that rely upon that response.

The reason for this? It helps you to avoid cyclic imports. If the package you import in already has a reference to the package you are trying to test, you may see issues with cyclic dependencies. So, in this tutorial, we had a look at some of the more advanced testing techniques and tricks employed by the Go language maintainers. Hopefully, you found this useful and it gave you the insight needed to go off and improve your own go tests. Gain access to the discussion as well as new challenges and quizzes and keep-up-to date with our newsletter!

JS and Node. Learning Go Challenges. Advanced Go Testing Tutorial. Support The Site. ReadAll resp. Body fmt. Println resp. StatusCode fmt. Get "Content-Type" fmt.

Register or Log In.Create your first course collection. Press enter to see all results for "". Mastering concurrency can make you a much more in-demand developer on the job market.

Level up your Google Go coding skills from basic commands through building your own website with Golang! Learn the basics of Go, an open source programming language originally developed by a team at Google and enhanced by many contributors from the open source community.

A video series that teaches Go language programming via a series of small game related projects. In this crash course we will get started with the Go programming language. There is no prior knowledge of Go required. We will setup a workspace and look at Want to learn golang? This is the list of best golang courses available online. From this list, you can take any of the golang course to learn golang in details and become master of golang. Learn golang from the best golang courses and best golang tutorials online.

Select best courses for golang based on your skill level either beginner or expert. These are the best golang tutorials and courses to learn golang step by step. Find the best golang tutorials courses and get best training and practical knowledge of golang. Get started with golang for best and learn fast from the scratch as a beginner.

Find best golang tutorials for beginners that may include projects, practice exercises, quizzes and tests, video lectures, examples, certificate and advanced your golang level. Some courses provide best certificate on course completion. The golang courses list are updated at regular interval to maintain latest status.

After collecting courses and tutorials from different Moocs and education providers, we filter them based on its pricing, subject type, certification and categorize them in the relevant subject or programming language or framework so you do not have to waste time in finding the right course and start learning instead.

Do you think any golang tutorial or golang course need to include on this list? Please submit new golang tutorial and share your golang course with other community members now.

Discover Free Online Courses on subjects you like. Meet and collaborate with other learners. Get new updates on free courses and discount offers.Golang or Go Programming Language is a statically-typed and procedural programming language having syntax similar to C language.

But they launched it in as an open-source programming language. It provides a rich standard library, garbage collection, and dynamic-typing capability and also provides support for the environment adopting patterns alike to dynamic languages. The latest version of the Golang is 1. Here, we are providing a complete tutorial of Golang with proper examples.

The main purpose of designing Golang was to eliminate the problems of existing languages. Before we begin with the installation of Go, it is good to check if it might be already installed on your System. Before starting with the installation process, you need to download it. For that, all versions of Go for Windows are available on golang. Download the Golang according to your system architecture and follow the further instructions for the installation of Golang.

Step 1: After downloading, unzip the downloaded archive file. After unzipping you will get a folder named go in the current directory. Step 2: Now copy and paste the extracted folder wherever you want to install this.

Here we are installing in C drive. Step 3: Now set the environment variables. Right click on My PC and select Properties. Choose the Advanced System Settings from the left side and click on Environment Variables as shown in the below screenshots. Step 4: Click on Path from the system variables and then click Edit. Then Click New and then add the Path with bin directory where you have pasted the Go folder.

golang advanced tutorial

Step 5: Now create a new user variable which tells Go command where Golang libraries are present. For that click on New on User Variables as shown in the below screenshots.When you start becoming proficient with the main programming languages, it can be tough to find one that would bring you the same inspiration as when you had just started programming.

Now you might be thinking - why do I even need to learn GO? What's in this GO language tutorial for me? Golang was developed by the team at Google and is very similar to the C programming language. However, as you learn GO in this Golang tutorial, you will quickly see how many added features this programming language has when compared to C - a safe memory, garbage collection and so on!

All of these features add up and make GO an increasingly popular programming language among experienced programmers and developers.

This course was born out of that struggle - I aim to make the learning experience as pleasant as it can possibly be when you learn Golang. This GO tutorial will teach you about the GO syntax, concurrency models, packages and much more - all in a fluid and straightforward way!

Whether you want to learn about critical design decisions and apply them to get a raise at your job, or simply want to add another programming language to your ever-growing skillset - this course will have you covered!

As for the GO tutorial requirements - you should be quite proficient and have decent experience with other programming languages. The best choices would be Java, Python, Ruby and other similar ones. Since this course is aimed at people who want some advanced information and insight into Golang and all of its great features, you have to have decent experience with other programming languages to be able to understand the terminology and processes used here. Naga Rakesh Chinta has been strong-willed to learn from the best teachers in top-rate world-class universities, such as Harvard, Sanford, or Michigan.

But Rakesh has proven it possible. Having collected that much of knowledge and experience, Rakesh is joyful to share it in online courses here on BitDegree.

Naga Rakesh Chinta is a versatile professional with solutions for anyone who wants to achieve success in their careers in the modern digital industries.

Join his courses, and bring your career to the desired level! Learn HTML basics and start creating websites: learn web development fast! Expand your arsenal of cool CSS tricks and boost the visual quality of your website!

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What Will You Learn? Swapping lecture Watch now Named return values Variables 1 Full basic complete Join them, it only takes 30 seconds. Learn Go from the best online golang tutorials and courses recommended by the golang programming community. Be the first to get informed of the latest Go news, insights, and tips and tricks. Weekly summary email on Saturday. You checked out these tutorials the last time you visited. Please upvote the ones you found useful. Golang can be viewed as the Python of statically-typed languages.

The approach to learning Golang is just like the approach followed for any other programming language i. To get started with the programming language, you can also follow the official Go tour.

Unlike most programming languages, Golang favors software engineering over programming language research. It focuses on conciseness, concurrency, performance, readability, and simplicity. Following are some reasons advocating learning Golang:. Very much like C but with CSP-style concurrency, garbage collection, memory safety, and structural typing. You can learn Golang from Udemy, Coursera, hackr. YouTube is a good place to learn the basics of the programming language and some of its advanced topics.

Golang is a programming language that highly prioritizes simplicity. In fact, it is even simpler than Python, which is considered to be the simplest programming language by many.

The most difficult to learn aspects of Go are concurrency features, channels and goroutines, and interfaces. The simple answer is no. However, both Golang and Python are designed for achieving high concurrency.

Golang can be faster than Python when it comes to building concurrent services. Hence, Golang might soon replace Python as the server-side language for achieving highly concurrent services.

Go Tutorial

Go is designed to be as easy as possible. So, Java is faster than Go due to the following two main reasons:. Golang or Go is an open-source programming language that eases the process of building efficient, reliable, and simple software.

The statically-typed programming language prefers the ease of use over anything else. It was introduced by Google in November of Golang supports concurrency and automatic garbage collection. Also, it has excellent support for error check and is highly scalable. On top of them all, it is very simple and a lightweight, open-source programming language developed and maintained by Google.

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golang advanced tutorial

Already have an account? Here's how it works:. Anybody can submit a course or a tutorial. Community upvotes the useful tutorials. The best tutorials rise to the top.Last Updated: March 28th, This is the best Go tutorial, with over 72, students! With over 46 hours of content! Learn Go fundamentals and advanced features.

It is a compiled and statically typed language. Go uses multiple cores, easily implements concurrency, network libraries and easily works in distributed environments. Learning programming in Go is designed to be easy with a very lean and user-friendly syntax. You can do everything from building web servers to web apps. This highly rated Go programming course is perfect for both beginner and advanced developers.

Free + Best 7 Advance Golang Courses, Training, Certificate Online

This online tutorial is packed with exercises, samples and coding. You will learn to increase your productivity with an integrated development environment IDE such as Webstorm or Atom, etc. This video course contains topics on testing and benchmarking. You will learn best practices for programming. This is one of the best Golang tutorials in This course assumes you are familiar with the Go basics.

This is a project based course, focusing on web development. This tutorial will help you build performant distributed applications that dynamically scale. This is one of the best Golang courses. This Go tutorial will help you create your first google go program in 30 seconds or less. You will learn variables, fundamental datatypes, and expressions. This Go online course will teach you everything about Arrays and Slices.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The formatting of code shows the way code is formatted in a file.

Closures - Go Lang Programming Tutorial: Part 15

Go does not require special rules around the code formatting, but have a standard that is generally used and accepted in the community. Golang is quite capable of implementing higher level abstractions, but the language designers choose not to implement certain abstractions into the programming language itself.

You can use interfaces to create common abstraction that can be used by multiple types. Interfaces define one or more method declarations that must be satisfied to be compatible with the interface. CRUD operations are basic data manipulation for database.

In this example, we are going to create an interface as database front end to handle these operations. We have Employee table containing Employee information like id, name and city. If you add a WaitGroup struct to your code, it can delay execution of the main function until after all goroutines are complete. In simple terms, it lets you set a number of required iterations to get a completed response from the goroutines before allowing the application to continue.

Done decrements the WaitGroup counter. Wait blocks until the WaitGroup counter is zero. The bufio package Scanner is a suited for reading the text by lines or words from a file. The following source code snippet shows reading text line-by-line from the plain text file below. Go language comes with more flexibility to work with the JSON document.

In below example you can decode or unmarshal the JSON document into a map variable. The below example is to converts a map type into a JSON string. An instance of catalog struct is created by providing values of the two objects that implemented the Information interface. The objects of Information type, are created with the Mobile type and the Shirts type.

golang advanced tutorial

The value of the Details field contains the value of different types, the connecting factor of all objects is the Information interface. Advance Programs - Aug 22, Advance Programs - Jun 16, Advance Programs - Oct 19, Advance Programs - Dec 08, Most Helpful This Week. Normal function parameter with variadic function parameter How to collect information about garbage collection? How to use a mutex to define critical sections of code and fix race conditions? How to Decode or Unmarshal bi-dimensional array of integers?

Generate a Keygen of bits Encoding and Decoding using json. Marshal and json.

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